e are so blessed to have great Yoga & Group Fitness instructors who are passionate and care about our clients health, well-being and spiritual connection to life.  Each instructor has industry credentials, experience, personality and a heart of gold.  They enjoy teaching in our smaller, more personal and less corporate type of studio, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy our instructors and studio equally.


Hey, hey, Y'all! I am Janeen. I found yoga while living in Minnesota for 8 years. Yoga helped this homegrown Texas girl make it through some tough winters! I have been practicing and grooving with yoga for several years and I finally got brave enough in 2017 to become a yoga teacher. I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Half Moon Power in San Antonio, TX. in May of 2017. Y'all, yoga is my jam! I totally dig it because it makes me feel so dang good - mind, body and soul. I became a certified yoga instructor so I could share the vitality, strength and joy of yoga with others. I believe teaching kiddos the breath, awareness and movement of yoga can be a true gift and a ton of fun! In September of 2017 I completed training at Aerial Yoga in Boerne, TX with Kidding Around Yoga to teach children yoga. Since starting my yoga teacher journey, I have especially enjoyed teaching Restorative Yoga classes. As simple as Restorative Yoga may seem, it can be the hardest yoga to practice and the most needed by just about everyone. Exploring and training more in Restorative Yoga is a priority and focus of mine, so, I can give my best as a teacher. Teaching movement and mindfulness to folks of all ages makes me happy. Come join me on my yoga journey and let's get our yoga jam on!

 I started doing yoga about 10 years ago to reduce stress. I noticed that by reducing my stress levels I was also beginning to see a reduction in my chronic migraine pain. I fell in love with the practice & loved the way it made me feel. But as a new mom, it was not easy to find time for regular workouts and yoga classes. So I tried power yoga. Through the powerful practice I was able to gain all the benefits of my original yoga practice while getting an amazing full body work out. A few years later I decided to get certified to teach power yoga. As a yoga teacher, I have found that I truly enjoy teaching all styles of yoga to all different levels of students. I love to create unique playlists that compliment my classes. I pride myself in keeping each class unique and fun & I treasure  the connections I have made with my students.


I am honored to share the joy of moving with you! I have twenty-eight years of experience that includes instruction in fitness, wellness nutrition, personal training and yoga/Pilates therapy, including international locations such as Korea, Germany and the United Kingdom.  I am a certified Yoga Teacher (RPYT 700 Hours), Pilates master practitioner, personal trainer and current in numerous group exercise fitness formats.  I believe in continuing my education and have participated in quite a few certification opportunities.  My focus is on helping others discover the fun of fitness and the simple joy of moving.  Whether teaching strength/circuit training, yoga, Pilates or some other fitness outlet, I offer a fun, joyful approach to feeling good and moving forward toward a healthy lifestyle.  My experience provides a unique perspective to share with students, clients and fellow instructors.  I look forward to meeting each of you and having a positive influence in your life.  Thank you for welcoming me to Mind Body Yoga & Fitness Studio.   


Four years ago, I found my love for yoga.  Like many who first try yoga, I was hesitant to try it.   I wasn't sure what to expect.  But a friend invited me to her class, and I was hooked after the very first session. Yoga has helped me maintain a recently healed Plantar Fasciitis injury.  It has also served as a way for me to stretch after running and other workouts.  After attending classes regularly, I became interested in digging in deeper into the background of Yoga.  I started learning as much as I could, and eventually, I decided to increase my knowledge by becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher.  I believe each of us is unique; our poses should fit our bodies, not the other way around. Always remember you are in control during your yoga practice; so relax, breath, and be present for yourself.  Namaste.


Until recently moving to San Antonio, Amy had been living and working in the Chicago-land area since graduating from Barat College in 1999 with a major in Dance Movement Therapy.  Post college she went on to dance professionally with a modern dance company. Amy then became a certified Pilates Instructor through the Physical-mind Institute in 2000 and also worked to earn a Yoga Teacher Training certificate at the Temple of Kriya Yoga. She is also a certified Thai Bodywork practitioner and a Licensed Massage Therapist. Amy has additional certifications in pre-natal massage and pre-natal yoga.  She enjoys utilizing her extensive education in movement and bodywork to help her students/clients move toward a more peaceful, balanced and pain free lifestyle. 


Candace has been a massage therapist since 2011 but branched out into teaching group ex after her divorce, which gave her new space to pursue her own passions while caring for 2 young kids. She has practiced yoga for over a decade and found her passion for Pilates after the birth of her second child, when she was diagnosed as prediabetic and prehypertensive. Deciding that she didn’t want to continue down that path, she quickly went from lifelong fitness indifference to dedicated Pilates junkie (and grudging runner!) When she began her Pilates instructor training in the spring of 2017, she found that it enhanced everything else in her life...parenting, her massage practice, mood, self-esteem, and overall well-being. She achieved a 200-hour comprehensive Classical style certification through Peak Pilates and is currently pursuing a 500-hour comprehensive Contemporary style certification through BASI Pilates. She is a total nerd for anatomy, may be caught correcting your posture, and is happy to discuss any ways in which core strength and proper body alignment can improve all aspects of your health and how you feel day-to-day!


    RITA KELLOGG - Owner, Group Fitness Instructor

Rita has lived a life full of physical activities ranging from water sports to snow skiing to organized sports including volleyball and basketball to swimming and diving and eventually found her way into CrossFit, Group Fitness and Yoga.   She opened Leon Springs CrossFit in 2013, focusing on providing personal attention to her clients with a focus on form and safety.  Over time, she recognized how many athletes were lacking in flexibility and wanted them to improve on lengthening and strengthening their muscles not just building them, so Mind Body Yoga was born in May 2015.  Rita is actively involved in her Leon Springs community and her children's school.  She has organized and thrown community events to raise money for non-profits such as the Leon Springs Fire Department, CARE Pet Adoption Squats fot Tots, and The Rape Crisis Center of San Antonio.  Rita is a L1 CrossFit Trainer, Certified Kettle Bell Trainer, Certified Rowing Trainer, Certified CrossFit Kids Trainer, Certified Olympic Lifting Trainer, and group fitness instructor. 



    JO ROSSER (sub)