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Kettle Bell Pump

Burn fat while you sculpt and tone your entire body as you are led through a series of routines for 45-minutes starting with a warm up/game, core segment, Kettlebell workout (varies from HIIT/Tabata training, Circuit training and Super Sets) then ending with a cool down/stretching series.  This class uses a scientifically proven exercise formula known as E.P.O.C. to increase your metabolism up to 12-16 hours after your workout!  Kettle Bell Pump combines both cardio and strength components to build muscular endurance while shedding fat long after the workout ends.  Plus, you will achieve better coordination, increased mobility and improved motor and balance skills.  Kettle Bells are much easier on your joints and with a variety of weights to choose from and modifications demonstrated before starting the routine, this class is open to all fitness levels and those with physical limitations too.  Come see why so many people absolutely LOVE Kettle Bell Pump!

Fitness Bootcamp

Fitness Bootcamp is a combination of strength, conditioning, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movement patterns. You get EVERYTHING you need all while having fun with a positive team vibe!  These training sessions are designed for people who can’t necessarily commit to training sessions four or more times per week, but still want to get all the same benefits as CrossFit. Because CrossFit is highly dependent on skill acquisition, and skill acquisition takes frequent practice, developing proficiency in CrossFit tends to be easier in those who train 4+ times per week.  Fitness Bootcamp does not use exercises that require a high level of skill such as Olympic weightlifting, as well as the more advanced gymnastics movements.  This means you get to come in and push harder right from day one.  This translates into improvements in strength and conditioning in less time.  This 45-minute class might be indoors or outdoors at times, so weather will never interfere with your workout schedule.  Modifications will be given as needed.

Ab Blast

By focusing on all your abdominal muscles, hips, and low back, this focused 30-minute class will blast your core into shape! Ab Blast is a quick, but targeted workout that will challenge you by functionally strengthening your core and postural muscles while shedding the abdominal fat to reveal your defined abs (i.e. your 6-pack).  You'll leave each class feeling like you have abs of steel!

Glute Camp

In general, most people are anterior-chain dominant (includes your front side muscles like quads, pectoral muscles, core), and lack in the posterior-chain (back side muscles like hamstrings and glutes), so we have a muscle imbalance of anterior to posterior muscles. Nowadays, activities of daily life (ADL) make us quad-dominant (leading to increased knee issues), tight chested, shoulder-rounded, flat-booty-ed, modern day humans. We sit in our cars and drive a lot or sit at our computers all day, and we don’t know how to activate our glutes.  Glute Camp is designed with that in mind.  We will activate and build the muscles of the boot while giving the posterior chain a little more lovin’.  Get ready for a nice rounded firm butt in just 30-minutes!  Modifications will be given as needed.

Totally Tabata

Interval training at its finest.  This "HIIT" High Intensity Interval Training class will vary from bursts of work intervals at :20 sec with :10 rest to other intervals at :45/:15 and more.  Totally Tabata will use a variety of movements ranging from cardio burning to strength building to core blasting.  This 30-minute total body workout will be fast paced with short rest persions, which will increase your E.P.O.C to increase your metabolism p to 12-16 hours after your workout.  HIIT workout are proven effective for fast results!